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College Funds and Bankruptcy: How to Safeguard Your Child’s Future

Bankruptcy serves as a last resort after a long road of financial trouble. Chapter 7 works to eliminate debt while Chapter 13 works to restructure payments for those who can manage them. Regardless of your chosen type, both have the…

Everything You Need to File for Bankruptcy

Many people think filing for bankruptcy is a simple and streamlined process. Think again. Before you are allowed to approach qualification—evaluated by a means test—you must collect a trial of paperwork to state your case. Read on to discover what…

7 Reasons to File for Bankruptcy

In the wake of economic recession, bankruptcy is on the rise. Difficult times have lead once-stable families into serious financial trouble, leading many to conclude that bankruptcy is the only option. If you are weighing the pros and cons of…

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Filing for Bankruptcy: Federal Exemptions

Bankruptcy is a last resort for those facing financial turmoil. State and federal laws are in place to offer relief from a life out of control; whether it be debt reconstruction through Chapter 13, or debt cancellation through Chapter 7…

Foreclosure Properties Could Become Government Rentals

Foreclosure properties are commonplace in every region across America. With the collapse of the economy and the housing market by extension, many neighborhoods have seen an increase in repossessed homes lining their streets. In Washington, talks regarding economic rejuvenation have…

Six Ways to Delay Home Foreclosure

Thousands of Americans are facing the same daunting inevitability: home foreclosure. Despite a small decrease in unemployment and whispers of economic improvement, many families are still finding it difficult to make ends meet. When you know home foreclosure waits in…