Reasons Not To Choose Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may not solve your financial problems
You know your financial health better than anyone. If, when you consider bankruptcy, you see that you won't be able to exist without using credit to supplement your income, consider other options. After you file for bankruptcy it is harder to obtain credit, especially unsecured loans. It may be wise to make sure you are stable in your employment and living accommodations, before filing bankruptcy, because new employers and landlords sometimes run credit checks.

Your bankruptcy may effect a cosigner or co-applicant
If you have filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the lender can try to collect from a cosigner or coapplicant after your bankruptcy is discharged.

Lack of property and assets
If you have very little in the way of assets, and none of your debts contain cosigners, it's doubtful your creditors will sue you for collection, because even if they were to win, they probably wouldn't be able to collect from you.

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