Bankruptcy Alternatives

Something to think about

Let's say you have filed for bankruptcy, and 7-10 years (the length of time bankruptcies can stay on your report) have passed, and your bankruptcy is now off your credit report. Or, less time has passed because you've hired a legitimate credit restoration company to assist you in having your bankruptcy removed. You now feel you have a clean slate and a new start.

Then, you apply for a loan at a bank. One of the questions on the application asks if you have ever filed for bankruptcy? At the bottom you sign a statement that everything you have written on the application is correct. The truth is, you are never completely free of a bankruptcy. Make these facts a consideration before you decide to file.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

1) Contact your creditors and ask for their cooperation. Try to work out payment arrangements. If you are buried in credit card debt, explain the situation, and ask the lender to temporarily reduce your minimum monthly payment or waive late charges and extend the payment. Read more >>

Reasons not to choose bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may not solve your financial problems
You know your financial health better than anyone. If, when you consider bankruptcy, you see that you won't be able to exist without using credit to supplement your income, consider other options. After you file for bankruptcy it is harder to obtain credit, especially unsecured loans. It may be wise to make sure you are stable in your employment and living accommodations, before filing bankruptcy, because new employers and landlords sometimes run credit checks. Read more >>

Alternatives to Declaring Bankruptcy

Americans are carrying a heavier debt than ever before. According to the Federal Reserve, 1.6 million people declared bankruptcy last year while consumer debt was up 4.5 percent. When a family can barely make the minimum payments on their credit cards or is living from paycheck to paycheck, an unexpected financial challenge can quickly bring them to their knees. Unemployment, illness, divorce or other unexpected economic setbacks can drive even the most financially sound budget over the edge. Read more >>

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